Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doing what you love....

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do you make a career doing what you love, what you're passionate about? Or how do you change careers once you realize you're not doing what you love?

My dad being a chemist and my mom a nurse, it was only natural that I would be influenced to choose a career that was a mix of both of these things and head into clinical research to work at an aesthetic medical device company. In college, I wanted to major in English - but my dad persuaded
me that a degree in science would carry me further. I was naturally good at organic chemistry and math, so I stuck it out, but definitely did not enjoy it. The only classes I loved during school were my writing classes. Every time I talked openly about the possibility of pursuing a career in writing, my dad would say that writing could be a hobby, but would be a difficult profession. So I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and looked for any job out of college, not really sure of what I wanted to do. I got a job with a pharmaceutical company involved in clinical research and have been slowly advancing within this occupation over the years.

However, I'm realizing now that this isn't my dream job - and why am I depriving myself of the opportunity to do something that I truly enjoy everyday? I mean 33% of your 24 hour day every day is spent at work, so why not spend it doing something you enjoy?

It's time to open the door and my mind to more opportunities...

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“There is time for work, and time for love. That leaves no other time” - Coco Chanel

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