Monday, October 6, 2008

Fashion Moments

Yesterday, I could not think straight - after reviewing Saturday's shows, my mind was in fashion one day, the number of shows that blew my mind were so excessive that it was almost too much to endure. My desires, my needs, my wishes to have each garmet in my hands at the very moment it emerged on the runway was almost unbearable. And the fact that these designs exist, that they are present on this earth and are not in my utterly agonizing!

This is what I am talking about...I'll start with Elie Saab:

Photos via Style

I love the muted color palettes (other than that deep purple), the sheer, flowing fabric, the sequins, and the elegance of in all of the designs. Although the review on Style does not agree with mine, I can definitely see some of these dresses having stunning, red carpet moments.

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