Monday, November 3, 2008

Designer of the Week: Jonathan Kelsey

This week, I am throwing the spotlight on another shoe designer, Jonathan Kelsey. This London designer is quoted as saying, "Designing statement shoes is about creating an emotional response; they should make you think with your heart, not your head." Once you see his shoes, you will no doubt agree with this statement because his shoes definitely tug on your heart strings. Each shoe is like a work of art - even "plain old" pumps have some sort of artistic touch woven into them.

I had trouble choosing just one favorite, so I posted a few...okay, a lot...of photos.

They are all so gorgeous! I want all of them!


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing them with us. They all scream Marie Antoinette to me. High society of the 19th Century, I absolutely love 'em all! :)

    Glad you liked my Style Watch picks.

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  2. ooh i love the ankle boots. nice!

    also thanks for your sweet comments! I forgot to mention in my post that the heart shoes are called 'lady dragon' and they'll be out soonish (one source says nov, another march). I'll be keeping watch because i definitely want a pair!

  3. Wow I love these.. I am obsessed with the first one! That heel!


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