Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Heart RVCA...

Remember this RVCA bag I was coveting a few weeks back? Well...it arrived in the mail yesterday and it is even better than I remember...it's so, so, so gorgeous!

The leather is soft and beautiful with a satchel-like opening to a suede interior. It's over-sized (as is everything that is perfect and in style at the moment) which may be one of my favorite things about it - it's seriously big enough to carry anything from your books to all of your need-at-hand accessories (an AW beanie, feathered headbands, aviators, Chanel lip gloss, extra bauble rings...ok, maybe that's just describing the items in my bag).

This is seriously my most favorite accessory I have acquired in the past couple of months. Kind of Alexander Wang-esque, wouldn't you say? Ohhh, I love, love, love it and think you might too ;) You can purchase it here.


  1. Yay! It looks great, I love how you can wear it with the long strap too.

    Sometimes I think I shop online just so I can receive packages in the mail..lol.

  2. oh so you did get it! it's really nice in your pictures, and the long strap is great too! good call =)

  3. I really like those huge bags!

  4. i love the bag.
    the only reason doesn't make me like it is..as a MASSIVE fan of Mulberry this is a copy of the Roxanne bag,okay with a long stripe but the rest is the same.
    I own two roxanne's and i adore the shape that's why i love this RVCA bag,but i don;t like the fact they copied so much the roxanne shape!

    is it ok if i ask you the price?

  5. Your tights are so TDF. I love them on you and your bag of course, too. :)

    TDF = to die for, they are so lovely!

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  6. it's lovely! I wish there was RVCA in Spain..

  7. wow! the bag is amazing. i love it :D

  8. I love how big the bag is and how it has the long strap too. I had not heard of RVCA before, but will have to check it out now =) Thanks for sharing with us!


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