Friday, December 12, 2008

Muse of the Moment: Zippora Seven

Called the New Zealand Kate Moss, Zippora Seven is a 16-year old model storming the fashion world...and with a name like Zippora Seven, how can you not be destined for fame and stardom?


Photos: fashionising

Is she not stunning??


  1. like all these photos- this photo shoot


  2. She so doesn't look 16! She has great, Kate Moss-esque model presence. :)

    Thanks for your lovely comments, don't worry about it - this is totally the crazy busy time of year! In fact I need to go do some Xmas shopping now...

    Have a fab weekend!


  3. this gorgeous gem is only 5'5... bringing more kate moss comparisons

  4. goodness, that body is rocking! i did not look like that when i was did the rest of the world! *envious*

  5. eeeeeep. she is an old friend of mine from before i moved to sydney. she has done so much stuff its amazing. very proud io know her. XD.


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