Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charm Necklaces

At the moment, I am loving charm necklaces! I see them every store, on every celebrity, on all of my friends...I just can't get enough of them! Lucky for me, I stumbled across SeaUnicorn's vintage jewelry over at etsy. I love her shop - so unique and she'll even do custom orders! Here are a few of the necklaces for sale:

Craving Chanel??

As summer is winding down, and fall fashion is settling in...well, lets be honest it was fall weather in San Francisco a long time ago - but for the rest of you, leggings & tights are a highlight of the fall fashion scene and right now, I am craving these Chanel two-tone tights. Thoughts?

Love for Lauren Conrad

Although you want to hate can't! Lauren Conrad is sweet and friendly, not to mention incredibly chic and fashionable. I swear if I could raid anyone's closet, it would definitely be hers! For a beachy hills premiere party, Lauren has the right idea with a floral, floor-length Roberto Cavalli dress and flip-flops.

Photos : my friend Lauren Edwards who was working the Hills Premiere Party

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Starting my life in San Francisco...

I've recently made the move from So Cal to San Francisco and I love it! I adore the old San Francisco feel of the homes with the hardwood floors and bay windows. I just love the vintage feel of the homes here.

For a long time, I thought that I wasn't good at designing, but little did I know – I only needed to get my creative juices going and everything would come together. Living in a fully furnished apartment previously, I didn't get the opportunity to design my own space. Now I can & I'm taking full advantage! Thanks to coco+kelly, apartment therapy, a cup of jo, and a few others, I had the ideas & inspiration I needed to create my San Francisco dream apartment…

Still a work in progress, but here are two of my favorite items...

The dining room table is by far my favorite piece so far (from the Alameda Flea Market).

Vintage slipper chairs from the 50's (craigslist)

More to come......

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