Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love Liminas

Hi lovelies!!!

Sooooo if you haven't noticed, I haven't been blogging like I used to....or really at all! There has been a lot that has come up in my life (getting married, honeymooning, and a new career venture) that seem to have taken up all of my attention. But I wanted to let you know about a side project I have been working on for quite some time....Liminas Magazine!

Liminas Magazine is a concept that my friend Ashley and I came up with. It's an online women's magazine-blog hybrid dedicated to women in their twenties and thirties set to launch in January 2011.

The magazine will feature articles on beauty, health, style, etc., but geared towards women in our age group (moving in with a boyfriend before marriage, decorating your apartment when living with a man, career advice, anti-aging products that should be used now, fashion that looks like what you saw on the runway but at an affordable price, etc.).

Like us on facebook where we will be posting inspiration from around the web. Let us know what posts you like and what you don't so that we can better gear our articles to what you want to read about!

We appreciate your support!!! xoxo

Are you wondering what Liminas means? Here's a little background:

Liminas comes from the word Liminality. Ashley and I have long felt like we are in this period of our lives where we are in-between adolescence and adulthood-we don't quite feel like children, but at the same time we don't feel like adults. After having had this same discussion with a number of our friends, we decided to create a magazine that is dedicated to this period of our lives and the huge transition that each of us is going through. We and our readers are living in a liminal space.
Liminality: The transitional time or condition in which one is not what it was and not what it will become, but something in-between.
Liminas: A term we coined to describe women who {like us} are living in a liminal space, somewhere between adolescence and adulthood.

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