Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holidays...

I have been crazy busy with the holidays right around the corner and appear to have been neglecting all of you a little here are some of my favorite things about the holiday season...

Unique holiday decor (it's good to be different)...

Photo via .v

Pine Room Diffusers (it makes your entire house smell like Christmas)....

Necklaces with words of wisdom as gifts...

Dressing up for holiday parties in gowns like this...

Photo: Coco+Kelley

The thought of getting back into bed and cuddling after opening all of the presents on Christmas morning...

Photo: Le Love

What is your favorite part of the holidays?


  1. I love this! I am going to post my faves.

    Miss you girl!

  2. I adore your faves! My favorite part of the holidays is to spread the spirit all around the house, making arrangements with my kids and sharing lovely memories together!
    Hope you have a merry, merry weekend, darling!

  3. CCC- Aw you should definitely pull out those tights, and thanks, darling- for the comment! :)

    I can understand, this time of year is incredibly overwhelming- what with traveling and family soirees. I know it. As it is I have to set time aside to blog, even away from home. I will try to make extra time for it- because I love it. :)

    Glad to know you're visiting. And I always look forward to checking out your posts as well. :)


  4. I spent the day picking out little stocking stuffers for family. Cheap, cute, kitschy stuff to make people smile. That's my favorite :)

  5. I love this rundown (esp. the smell of pine trees!) I love the sight of prettily wrapped presents under the tree, and a hearty meal with the family. I'm so excited - only 3 more sleeps!

  6. ooooh that red feather gown is gorgeous!!!!

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  8. P.S. I'll be taking it easy blogging-wise for the next week so - have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! xx

  9. Hanging at home eating mexican food is what makes a good christmas.

  10. oh my god
    look at the GOWN!!!

  11. Oh wow I love everything in this post but that first image with the branch and the Christmas balls is fantastic!

    Wishing you a late Happy Christmas, all the best for 2009 and keep up with the super blog!


  12. Really cool blog! Happy 2009! :)

  13. I love your blog! it's so cute!
    hope you don't mind if I put you on my list x

  14. Its an amazing blog!

    Check mine out =>
    Its in Slovene :)

  15. best part of the holidays - watching your pet dog chase snowballs :)

    i LOVE that first picture, could easily be copied as well, a nice alternative to normal decorations

  16. ok, girlie, where are you!???? i miss my daily dose of fantastic photos from you!

  17. My favourite part of the, I miss them like crazy, and it was amazing meeting up in Brazil (where I grew up), now we're back to being spread across several corners of the world. Family time = priceless.

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