Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Madness...

Going through my inbox the other day, I see an email with the word "madness" in the subject line. I think it is probably spam and am just getting ready to click delete when my curiosity gets the better of me and I open it instead. To my surprise, it is an email from an Indonesian designer with a lookbook attached containing photos of a unique, interesting, and beautiful accessory collection called Project Madness.

Last year three young designers, Ajeng Dewi Swastiari, Bonnie Natasha Arif, and Agnes Stephanie Cathykana (all in their early twenties) started a design project called madness. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, their first collection, Madness of Heritage, is a tribute to their culture.

Since I know we all can't resist big, bold, and excessive accessories, I think you will want to get your hands on this collection as much as I do...

That patch headband and bow necklace are calling my name....


  1. accessories make an outfit-

    love it

  2. Gorgeous! And I love how they've stayed true to their cultural heritage. :)

  3. Beautiful accessories!!! Where can I get them?

  4. hi beautiful people...
    if you want to purchase one of our pieces you can email us to
    we'll gonna send it right to your door.


  5. Luv ur design ^-^
    can u put the price in that pict? just want to know the price list of ur design

  6. uppz sorry..i'm wrong! my message is for madness actually XD..cOOL designers!!


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