Monday, October 13, 2008

Inside My Closet...

Photo: Mint Online Clothing Store

Ok, so no...this isn't really my closet, but I wish it was! I can just imagine my future closet - a huge walk-in with racks of clothes running down either side and something similar to the image below at the very end of this long corridor. I'm obsessed with that gold-framed accessories case and the open shelves for displaying specific items (maybe my favorite pieces of the moment). I even like the panther :)


  1. Stop taking pictorials of my closet gezzz :)jk

    Im going to have a "Sex in the City" closet like Mr. Big made for Carrie...Huge with a pair of blue Milano heels at the end of the well lite walk-in closet. I can't wait ;)

  2. Oh Carrie's closet was definitely amazing in the SATC movie! I think that the single pair of Manolo's almost made the closet that much better :)


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