Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I Have to Have Now...

These are items I need immediately now or I will not survive...I mean, I really, really need all of these things...

Both dresses available at Shopbop

1. An Alexander Wang black pencil or mini skirt (either one above will do just fine)

2. The Acne long-sleeved jersey dress (which apparently no longer exists anywhere online - very depressing!! If you know where I can find it...please share!)

3. The YSL platform ankle boots (ahhh, I seriously will die without these! I've been obsessing over these for way too long...they haunt my dreams at night)

4. The Chloe wrap-around boots & Chloe "Ada" shopping bag (because let's face it, I would spend all of my money on just Chloe..ok, and YSL...if possible)

5. The Rag & Bone bejeweled cigarette dress (I'm thinking that maybe a little DIY project may be necessary since $600 on essentially a jersey dress with jeweled studs is a little pricey)

6. The Only Hearts lace dress (because I'm obsessed with everything and anything lace at the moment)

So at the moment, these items are essential to my living...


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