Thursday, October 16, 2008

xoxo Bedhead xoxo

My current fixation is the "just got out of bed"'s sexy and you basically just have to roll out of bed to walk away with the look...

Photo: Cup of Jo

Above 3 photos: knight cat

Above Photos: foto_decadent


  1. Now this is a post i can identify with, lol. Mind you, my hair is actually real bed hair. I love Lara's hair and Erins, obv!

  2. Isn't that an easy look? I hate having to struggle with my hair every single day! I think I'll embrace this hair style!

  3. You want to hear something funny...I was definitely rocking this look yesterday and an older woman on the train wouldn't stop raving about my hair...she actually touched it at one point which was a bit creepy...but I guess every generation loves the bedhead look! I don't think it ever gets old :)


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