Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rural Britannia

Can you tear your eyes away from this first photo?? Because I couldn't! Not only is that dress stunning (Luisa Beccaria), but Ginta Lapina's face in this photo is striking...unforgettable...and beautiful. The rest of the editorial is just as remarkable....

Photos: Tatler

You can bet, I'll be doing a post on Ginta Lapina in the near future :)


  1. Man, i love that last pic, just incredible. I would kill to be able to pull off hair that colour. She has an amazing face and the dresses are gorgeous.

  2. Great editorial, I love the styling (minus the fur)...

  3. oh, WOW! wow wow wow. i LOVE. the styling is fantastic, and i spy some of my favorite runway pieces. nice find my dear!

    ps - did you buy that necklace i posted? i noticed it was sold... i hope so!

  4. Re: Rural Britannia

    The dress is stunning and so is the model, she is perfect for the shoot.


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