Friday, October 31, 2008


The rest of the day will be hectic with putting the finishing touches on my costume, perfecting "cat-eye" make-up, and teasing my hair into a dramatic puffy ponytail. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Photos via Creative Archive

Photo via Le Fashion

Photos via knight cat

Photo via .v

Photo via Coco+Kelley

Photos via Delightful


  1. Oh this photos are SO good. I especially love the 3rd one, by Creative Archive. Happy Halloween!

  2. Gorgeous pics!
    I love masking unfortunately here in germany we don't celebrate Halloween that much.

  3. OMG, I love these photos!! :)

    Happy Halloween! <3

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  4. mmm wish we celebrated halloween here.
    and, you know, that i were skinny and gorgeous.

  5. Happy Halloween to you too. I love everyone's awesome head attire, especially Lou's bat...

  6. amazing pics, especially the masks and head pieces. fabulous and so creative!
    happy halloween!

  7. Perrrfect visual treats...spooktacular for Halloween! ;)

  8. amazing pics! love the cat-eye masks! wish i wasnt sick this halloween or i definately would be wearing one of these pretty things :)
    Happy Halloween

  9. Love the mask....I just have the feather ones, I think today is the perrrrrfect day to add a really cool Michelle Pfeiffer aka catwomen, one to my collection.

    you have fabulous taste!!!

  10. I love the third picture down, that was exactly how i was going to do my halloween makeup. But then i ended up not going to the party after all :( Your halloween pics were very inspiring. I would love to see your outfit

    By the way google bona drag for the sophomore zip skirt!!!!

  11. I'm glad my blog inspires you!

  12. Oh you found such cute masked photos -- had a huge collection as well, but in the end, ended up using only one -- looking forward to seeing how your outfit turned out!

  13. oo i love LOVE masks! one day i will have a masquerade party how much fun!?


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