Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was tagged by Vain and Vapid...so here goes...

Six Random Facts About Myself:

I'm a Kiwi...well, both of my parents are from New Zealand (born and raised) and my entire extended family lives there and in Australia...so I kind of am and like to say that I am - it makes me seem more exotic :)

Photos via Lovely Morning

I dream of being able to wear gowns every single day, to the office, hanging around the house, etc....

I eat bread or crackers and cheese for the majority of my meals, and my diet would probably only consists of these two foods if it wasn't so unhealthy...

I love hair accessories more than any other accessory out there...but I can't pull them off...I really can't :(

Photos: Paul Berends

My dog is a reincarnation of a little boy....if you met him, there is no doubt in my mind that you would also believe that he once was a human....

I believe there is such a thing as living happily ever after...you just have to live with that mindset

Photo via coco+kelley

the rules for everyone, including my tagees:

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Write six random things about yourself/ 6 important values and negative points you condemn.
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I tag the first 6-10 people who comment (if there are that many of you...haha).


  1. TOBI!! I love love love him.

    But darn...now I have to do this. Guess I have an afternoon project...

  2. I would love to wear long dresses all the time too, for me its inspired by the video Lagerfeld did for Don Perignon, its got Eva Herigova and his boy toy in. Check it out amazing stuff. I added you btw!!

    I love that lace post you did, the fist shot is incredible.

  3. How delightful! I've always loved your taste in fashion so I love that we have another bond - I'm an Aussie too! :) I'll post mine tomorrow. x

  4. I'm with you on the gowns everyday, and of course happily ever after exists :)


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